The Christ Hospital – Environmental Graphics

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As part of the master plan and expansion of The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati—one of the best medical facilities in the United States—SOM developed the project's identification and wayfinding signage. These included environmental graphics for the campus' new entrance, the reconfigured streets and parking facilities, as well as for the new 381,000-square-foot Joint and Spine Center.

The project illustrates SOM’s hands-on commitment to understanding the depth and complexity of a client’s needs and addressing them through design. During the process of developing signage for the interim construction period of the Joint and Spine Center, the design team gained valuable institutional knowledge that helped to inform the final solution. For example, as the hospital grew over the years, the existing color-coded wayfinding system developed with it, becoming a dense patchwork of over 20 colors. The design team recommended a new system that would allow the program to adapt to the evolving facility with simplicity, clarity, and flexibility