The Strand, American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) – Environmental Graphics and

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As part of the renovation of The Strand for American Conservatory Theater, SOM developed a graphic identity for the intimate performance venue and education center—one clearly identifiable as A.C.T., a 50-year-old institution, but tailored to reflect the new space and its mission. Focused on new work, emerging artists, arts education, and community outreach, the Strand’s identity had to convey the unadorned immediacy of experimental theater and reflect the gritty, transitional aspects of its surrounding neighborhood.

The stencil, a staple of backstage labeling, was used to express the 
direct, stripped-down simplicity of the Strand’s space and program. This theme was carried throughout the building’s environmental graphics and signage, including the exterior blade and canopy, interior wayfinding, and donor wall. Lettering and pictograms were painted directly on the walls, or cut into metal sheets to resemble industrial stencil sets