Silverstein Properties, Inc. Offices

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Silverstein Properties was the first tenant in the newly completed 7 World Trade Center, the inaugural tower of Lower Manhattan’s rebuilding effort following the September 11 attacks. The office occupies the entire 38th floor and overlooks adjacent buildings. With spectacular 360 degree, floor-to-ceiling views of Manhattan, the new offices have become a marketing tool to lease office remaining space in the tower.

The southern side of the building accommodates the executive office suite and boardroom. The north and western sides contain perimeter glass front offices and open office space encircling a core of support spaces. Workstations, customized by Knoll, are situated so as not to block views of the city. Wood partition walls align with the solid office walls. The office front consists of glass fritted in a bronze color to complement the materials and finish palette. Like the base building, the office space is LEED® certified.