350 Mission Street – Sustainable Design

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Designed to achieve LEED® Platinum certification, this 27-story office tower encompasses a variety of sustainability strategies that will cut energy costs by about one third. The building’s cladding will contain high-performance, insulated glass units that reduce solar heat gain yet maximize visibility. The facade conveys a “woven” pattern in which alternating outward-tipping panels reflect sky brightness and inward-tipping panels are in contrasting shade. This pattern culminates at the skyline with feathery luminescent scrims placed behind the glass.

The sustainability agenda for 350 Mission underscores an aspiration to reinvent the speculative office paradigm. In addition to daylighting and zoned under-floor HVAC distribution, the project features rainwater harvesting and graywater recycling for non-potable uses. The design allocates space for bicycle storage and charging stations for electric vehicles. Energy usage, embedded carbon, and other building performance metrics will be made public on a video wall in the lobby. Once the building is ready for occupancy, tenants will be encouraged to support sustainable practices.