Pertamina Energy Tower Fly-Through

The forthcoming Jakarta, Indonesia, skyscraper Pertamina Energy Tower is the world’s first supertall building in which minimizing energy consumption entirely informs the tower's placement, shape, systems, and materials. SOM arrived at this design by looking beyond the building for sustainability gains: capitalizing on Indonesia's deep experience with geothermal energy; leveraging the surrounding campus as a resource for conserving and generating energy; and sculpting the tower itself to channel ambient wind into building-integrated wind turbines.

This new animation illustrates SOM's wide-ranging thinking in detail and highlights other fascinating building-integrated solutions, such as a paired approach to preventing solar thermal gain on the tower facade. The video also conveys the experience of the Pertamina Energy Tower, which is slated for completion in 2021. It takes viewers inside a state-of-the-art workspace and introduces them to the 2,000-seat auditorium and mosque, located next to the tower, that will serve the Pertamina campus.