Charles Besjak

Director Charles Besjak is in charge of structural engineering for SOM's New York office. For the past decade, his primary focus has been the expansion of the firm’s high-quality structural engineering practice both domestically and abroad. Besjak is a licensed structural and professional engineer as well as a licensed architect who brings more than 20 years of design and construction experience to a vast array of domestic and international projects.

Besjak’s unique combination of structural engineering insight and creative natural design abilities serves as a cohesive force that fosters an integrated design approach with SOM projects. His portfolio of more than 95 structures includes some of SOM’s tallest buildings, such as the 510-meter Busan Lotte Town Tower in Busan, South Korea; the 450-meter Zifeng Tower in Nanjing, China; the 530-meter Pertamina Energy Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia; and the Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou, China. Other notable structures include the U.S. Air Force Academy