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SOM designed and engineered this striking 30-story headquarters building in Sao Paulo’s upscale Ponte Morumbi district. Designed to accommodate a workforce of 3,000, the building was conceived from the inside out, with the functional requirements of the bank dictating size, shape, and use. The tower contains office space, a trading floor, private banking facilities, and an executive floor. Amenities include a 500-person employee cafeteria, a 300-seat auditorium, and a client center with conference facilities.

The project’s aim was to create an efficient and flexible work environment, providing 100 square feet per employee. Two stepped-back, open-plan office modules are organized around an offset central core. The building's reinforced, post-tensioned concrete structural framework is clad in granite, metal, and glass. The distinctive design exudes a feeling of permanence, emphasizing proportion and form within a powerful structural expression.