BBVA Bancomer Operations Center

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The design for the Operation Center Building is the result of an award-winning competition entry. The project, part of a planned development within a dense urban setting, relates to its residential surrounding context through massing and scale. The project is conceived as a bundle of vertical volumes shifted at their intersections to create points of articulation. The building’s lively tectonic character establishes a sense of scale and visual dynamism that will contribute to the area’s pedestrian character and create an interior environment conducive to productivity.

Targeting LEED® Silver certification, the project optimizes building efficiency and promotes a healthy interior environment. The project’s sophisticated glass facade is wrapped by a screen of staggered vertical louvers that are calibrated to the angle of the sun in order to reduce solar heat gain while maximizing views and filtering daylight. The project will promote environmental sustainability throughout its structure, as well as energy-saving and water-saving features integrated within the design.