Chicago Lakeside Master Plan

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Developers and community leaders have long discussed what to do with the vacant South Works steel mill site, which encompasses 600 acres along Lake Michigan in South Chicago. SOM, working with an international team of experts, has conceived an ambitious plan that calls for transforming the brownfield property into a sustainable, mixed-use community that aims to be an exemplar for future developments.

The neighborhood would include housing, businesses, and green space. Every home would sit within a three-minute walk to a park, and residents and visitors alike would have waterfront access. The city’s rail and bus system would serve the district, and pedestrian and bicycle paths would connect with downtown. Other sustainable strategies include water recycling, native landscaping programs, and the use of solar and wind power. Part of the LEED® for Neighborhood Development Pilot Program, Lakeside will demonstrate the potential for converting an industrial relic into a thriving green community.