Nanhu New Country Village Master Plan

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Across China, rapid urbanization is radically diminishing agricultural landscapes. SOM's Nanhu New Country Village Master Plan furthers the nation’s farm-reform goals, bringing a modern approach to integrating agriculture and urban development into a village setting. The award-winning design consolidates and reorganizes farms so that the new village can increase in density without putting additional stress on farmland.

Of the 1,100-hectare site, more than 700 hectares will be maintained as working farms with produce that will help feed the nearly 80 million residents in the region’s mega cities. Ecological features throughout the site will detain and infiltrate stormwater. To improve the quality of run-off, terraced wetland basins will further treat the water before emptying it into canals. Walkways along the terraces will make this water purification system an amenity to be enjoyed by all.