Jianianhua Center

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Chongqing, a foggy riverfront city, sought to breathe new life into its commercial district, Jiangbei. As part of a redevelopment master plan, the city commissioned the design of a central park and plaza that would be anchored by the Jianianhua Center. Jianianhua is a visible symbol of the revitalization goals — namely, improving the city’s image, stimulating economic development, and streamlining traffic.

The transparent glass building stands in stark contrast to its heavier concrete neighbors, while its precise geometry anchors the adjacent plaza and park. What is most intriguing about the building, however, is its facade, which takes its cue from surrounding large-scale billboards. Through an advanced system of louvers, the facade can continuously change to correspond with the shift in seasons or time of day, or to honor a special event. The Jianianhua Center defines a new kind of civic landmark, one that establishes a meaning and presence through an innovative integration of architecture and graphic design.