Godrej Garden City

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SOM is leading a multidisciplinary team for the design of Godrej Garden City, a massive mixed-use development. Situated on 105 hectares of land about three kilometers outside of the historic center of Ahmedabad, the plan calls for residential, commercial, retail, and institutional space totaling 2.4 million square meters. The project is particularly designed to engage India’s young, globally focused population.

As part of ongoing growth around Ahmedabad, the project aims to become a model for sustainable development in India. The layout is organized around a grand boulevard inspired by the world’s great streets but re-conceived to reflect local customs. The boulevard will be complemented by verdant gardens and pedestrian paths. Collectively, these elements will deliver a strong sense of place and community. As a testament to the project's commitment to sustainability, Godrej Garden City is on the Clinton Foundation's list for Climate Positive Cities.