Atlantic Health Jets Training Facility

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Athletic training centers are rarely show-stopping works of architecture. The New York Jets's training facility, an elegant composition of metal and glass volumes, is a notable exception. SOM’s vision was to create a kind of architectural machine that would enable players to train at a higher level — and win more football games. The entire complex is wrapped around the heart of the game: an outdoor football field. Corporate offices overlook the turf, connecting business and training operations and creating a stadium-like atmosphere for players.

There are four additional training fields: three outside and one inside a large field house. Other amenities include an auditorium, seminar rooms, two cafeterias, an owner’s suite, a corporate hospitality wing, a fitness room, and a medical training center. Even the lights in the facility’s main corridor are a reminder of the game itself, as they mimic the yard lines on the gridiron. Completed in 2008, the facility marked the first time the Jets had its entire organization under one roof.