Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

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Conceived as three hospitals in one, this massive complex in the heart of Abu Dhabi combines a general hospital with medical centers for women and children. This shared-services model enhances patient care while improving efficiency. Once complete, the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City will be the largest hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

Aesthetically, the design seeks to strike a balance between the local heritage and a modernist vocabulary. Orthogonal in plan, the campus will feature a series of glass boxes anchored to a two-story, stone-clad plinth. Upper levels of the complex will contain patient rooms, while the podium will house emergency rooms, operating theaters, the radiology department, and outpatient clinics. Additionally, this base will offer amenities such as cafes, shops, and prayer rooms. To help achieve an atmosphere of serenity, the design calls for natural materials, diffused light, and lush gardens.