Dallas City Performance Hall

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Conceived as a “village for the arts,” the Dallas City Performance Hall (DCPH) is home to dozens of theater, music, and dance companies. It sits in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, one of the country’s most ambitious cultural developments in recent decades. The concrete and glass building expresses a modesty that befits its publicly funded budget and achieves a graceful simplicity through thoughtful planning and careful architectural detailing.

The interior is both warm and modern, with steel-and-wood railings and poured-in-place concrete walls. Inside the 750-seat auditorium, the walls are varied with a striated pattern that provides visual interest while enhancing acoustics. The theater’s curtain is an LED-studded grid that can be programmed to display images, offering a striking prelude to performances.

DCPH was designed to achieve LEED® Silver certification. The venue’s modular design accommodates a later expansion that will include two 200-seat performance halls.