Pen Factory

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This sustainable, adaptive reuse project will transform a long-abandoned assembly line manufacturing facility—a former Paper Mate pen factory—into a multi-tenant creative workplace. Inspired by the spirit of Southern California and the site’s location—in one of Santa Monica’s most active creative-office communities—the renovation will promote an open, casual, and flexible work environment for innovative companies.

To produce as much outdoor space as possible on the limited site, a landscaped courtyard entrance will be cut into the center of the building, and a linear garden with semi-private patios will run the length of the building’s south side. Additional windows, skylights, and industrially-scaled glass garage doors will bring daylight and fresh air into interior workspaces.

Referencing the building’s past, the facade will feature colorful striations that evoke “pen lines.” The site is accessible by the light rail Metro Expo Line, while a new subterranean parking facility will have capacity for 270 bikes and 700 cars. By injecting this dormant site with new vitality and presence, the Pen Factory seeks to become a friendly and accessible hub of work and creativity.